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Student of the Week

Here are this weeks winners 🙂


Well done Harry, Greta, Sophie and Anar for achieving excellence this week! Keep up the great work.

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1/2’s Demonstrating Confidence

Wow, what an exciting week we’ve just had!

In week 7 we celebrated Book Week. Students enjoyed reading all of the short listed books that were up for the Book of the Year. We spent the week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators. The library had a wonderful display and students participated in lots of fun activities to highlight the importance of reading. The week culminated with our dress up day on Friday. Students showcased their outstanding book character outfits during the whole school parade. It was wonderful to see the confidence shown by both students and teachers on the day. You can see some of the great costumes below:

book week photo

book week 2

Another highlight of the week was the amazing circus performances on Thursday night. Whilst there were a few nerves prior to going on stage these were soon forgotten when they took the limelight. Everyone should be congratulated on the persistence and confidence they showed both during the practice and on the night. The talent was there for all to see!

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Pyjama Day

Dear Families,

On Thursday we had Pyjama day. Everyone was very excited to wake up and wear their pyjamas to school and it was all for a great cause. All donations went to the charity Médicines Sans Frontiéres (MSF) that translates into Doctors Without Borders.

We have also been busy this week practicing for the Little Devil Circus performance which is only one week away. We are getting excited and look forward to sharing our performance with you.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

The 1/2 Team.

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Student of the Week

Good morning everyone 🙂

Here are yesterdays lucky winners. Congratulations Raymond, Leo, William, Lulu, Silas, Alex and Hugo! 20160815_092557

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Student of the Week

Hi everyone,

Have a look at last weeks winners. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!20160808_094303

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Dear families,

All of the schools has been practising our circus skills as much as possible this term. We have put in even harder work this week since there are only 2 weeks to go before the circus concert!


1/2L are hula hooping their way to the big night, and having enormous fun doing so. Who knew there were so many tricks you could do with a hula hoop? It’s fair to say we found some tricks are easier than others.

Carrie      RosieGemma

“It’s easy to do around the waist.”- Carrie

“I’ve been practising spinning the hoop around on the ground and then spinning myself around to catch it.”- Rosie

“It’s great that you can do extra exercise and also have fun.”- Gemma

We look forward to sharing our new circus skills with you in two weeks. We hope your eyes will pop out with amazement.


From Year 1/2


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In Numeracy we have been learning about multiplication and have been learning how arrays can help us find the answer to multiplication questions.

We have enjoyed hunting for arrays around the school, go for an array hunt around your house. I wonder what you will find!


IMG_5545 IMG_5544IMG_5563 IMG_5465 IMG_5463




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Last term we launched our new school values. They are curious, confident, connected and achieving excellence.

This term we are focusing on being confident. Check out the 1/2 display board to see lots of ways we are being confident at school.

We are working very hard at circus every week to learn new skills and put on a wonderful performance for you all later in the term. Here are some pictures of us practising:

20160714_12314420160714_123256 20160714_123721



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Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3! We are looking forward to a busy and exciting term ahead. Here are some of the main areas that we will be covering in our 1/2 classrooms over the coming weeks:


  • Groups of and arrays


  • Author study: Anthony Browne
  • Looking at how we can use the features of Anthony Browne’s texts in our own writing for example speech marks and dialogue
  • Making connections when reading
  • Inferring how the characters are feeling when reading


  • Contractions


  • ­Friendships and Feelings
  • How our actions affect those around us
  • Different feelings that we have
  • How to deal with different social situations and problems as they occurr


The Year 1 Team 🙂

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This term the Year 1/2 students have had an excellent time exploring the strange and beautiful world of poetry.


We have looked at poetry tools such as rhyming, repetition, onomatopoeia and alliteration.


Students have read a range of poems and created their own pieces using the poetry tools. We have made haiku, concrete and free verse poems.


To celebrate our achievements this term we will be having a poetry morning where we will showcase our poetry anthologies.

Look forward to seeing you next Friday June 24th at 9:00am.IMG_0320IMG_0317


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